‘Share Fair’ is a website for teaching skills for buying and selling products online. Using ‘Share Fair’ learners “share” e-products created through projects using virtual e-credits.  In doing this, they gain experience of filling an online “basket”, “checking out” making consumer choices, and working within restricted budgets.

Share Fair was developed through funding from Erasmus+, which is the European Commission programme for Education, Youth and Sport.  It was part of a Erasmus+ project called ‘Imagining the Future: Connecting Young Europeans with Learning Disabilities to Supported Employment and Community’.  The project ran from 2015-18 and involved partners from schools in Sweden and the United Kingdom, supported by the National Centre for Special Educational Needs and Psychology in Lithuania.  Share Fair has been used to support Key Stage 4 and 5 learners with a diagnosis of Moderate Learning Difficulties to contextualise art projects for example, or work towards the global Social Enterprise Qualification: http://seq.realideas.org/doing-seq/learners-journey

Visit the Shair Fare website.

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