Share Fair

‘Share Fair’ is a website for teaching skills for buying and selling products online. Using ‘Share Fair’ learners “share” e-products created through projects using virtual e-credits.  In doing this, they gain experience of filling an online “basket”, “checking out” making consumer choices, and working within restricted budgets.

Employability Progression Planner

This Progression Planner is to enable practitioners to identify an appropriate personal learning intention for an individual, which supports the development of skills for employability. To support practitioner thinking and planning, this Progression Planner splits the area of ‘Employability’ into four “strands”: ‘Skills for Work’ (green), ‘Functional Skills’ (blue), ‘Seeking Employment’ (light pink), ‘In the Workplace’ (dark pink).

A Framework for Inclusive Global Learning

(This resource) responds to research into Global Learning for pupils who may not be “developmentally ready” to engage with many current Global issues ( Bell et al, (2015) Going Global in Early Childhood Education) It is also based on recent research into Global Learning in Special Schools commissioned by the Global Learning Programme itself ( Education Development Trust) The design of the resource reflects the current policy context of SEND / ALN in both England and Wales.

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